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The joint CIMS training was held in Manila from 8-10 April 2024 in the Philippines. This training was participated by both the CIMS Coordinators and CIMS Assessors from 31 Organizations including Caritas Internationalis. In total there were 43 participants with 23 men and 20 women. There were participants from five regions namely: Asia, Mona, Africa, Oceania and North America. Caritas Internationalis staff facilitated the 3-day training.

The Purpose of this training was to encourage all the CIMS coordinators and Assessors to have very good clarity of what CIMS assessment processes entails and to encourage all participating Member Organizations to prepare and start moving ahead with the CIMS assessment starting from the self- assessment process moving to the improvement plan stage and further.

The training had input sessions, group discussions & presentations, role play and action plan. Each participating MO developed plans committing to start and or progress further in their CIMS assessment and compliance work.

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