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Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC is an expression of the concern of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka for justice, peace and human development. It operates on the mandate of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka (CBCSL) which is conferred to the Board of Management (BOM).

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC is the National Secretariat of the Commission for Justice, Peace and Human Development of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka. In each Diocese, Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC has an implementing Caritas Diocesan Secretariat. These are the secretariats of the Commission for Justice, Peace & Human Development of the respective Dioceses.

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC is independent of all political parties and ethnic groups. It draws its inspiration from the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, His unconditional love for one another and its mission is enrooted in the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Caritas Sri Lanka – SEDEC is a Member of Caritas Internationalis, which is an International Confederation of Catholic Organizations that comes under the purview of the Holy Father, mandated by their respective Episcopal Conferences to spread solidarity, social justice and integral human development.

Caritas Sri Lanka’s national centre is located in the Archdiocese of Colombo. The agency employs 60 national staff and 210 volunteers to carry out its services to the far corners of the island through the 13 diocesan centres.

Caritas Sri Lanka’s work involves collaboration with Caritas Internationalis members such as Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, Caritas Australia, Caritas Belgium, Caritas Korea, Caritas Denmark, Caritas England & Wales (CAFOD), Caritas Spain, Caritas France (Secours Catholique), Caritas Germany, Caritas Italy, Caritas Japan, Caritas Luxembourg, Caritas Norway, Caritas Poland, Caritas Portugal, Caritas Scotland (SCIAF), Caritas Slovenia, Caritas Sweden, Caritas Switzerland, Catholic Relief Services USA and Caritas Singapore-CHARIS.

Our Vision
Our vision is the Realisation of a Just Sri Lankan Society based on Gospel Values of Love, Forgiveness, Peace, Unity, Equality - Lived, Promoted and Protected irrespective of race, caste and religion.

Our Mission
Our mission is Empowering people through animation and being in Solidarity in their efforts for integral human development.

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Caritas Sri Lanka


Postal Address: Social and Economic Development Center (SEDEC) 133 Kynsey Road, PO Box 1681, Colombo 8 SRI LANKA
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