The Four Sub-Regions

There are four Caritas Asia sub-regions: Central, East, South and Southeast Asia. These are based on Member Organisations geographical proximity and common cultural context and understanding. The sub-regions have no formal decision-making structures, but as the need arises, Member Organizations may convene meetings within their sub-regions to share and discuss matters concerning the confederation

Central Asia East Asia South Asia South East Asia
 Caritas Kazakhstan
 Caritas Kyrgyzstan
 Caritas Mongolia
 Caritas Tajikistan
 Caritas Uzbekistan

 Caritas Hong Kong
 Caritas Japan
 Caritas Korea
 Caritas Macau
 Caritas Taiwan

 Caritas Bangladesh
 Caritas India
 Caritas Nepal
 Caritas Pakistan
 Caritas Sri Lanka

 Caritas Cambodia
 Caritas Indonesia (Karina KWI)
 Caritas Myanmar (KMSS)
 Caritas Malaysia
 Caritas Philippines (NASSA)
 Caritas Singapore
 Caritas Thailand
 Caritas Timor Leste
 Caritas Vietnam
 Caritas Laos