Caritas Mongolia


Caritas Mongolia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with poor, vulnerable and excluded populations, regardless of gender, race or religion.

We achieved our registration as NGO in 2010, in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbataar. Today, we operate locally with 23 staff members and 30 volunteers, but we are part of a much larger whole: Caritas Internationalis, a Vatican-based confederation of more than 160 Catholic aid, development and social justice agencies from around the world.

Caritas seeks a world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon. This means a world where the poorest and most disadvantaged communities are able to influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect them. Thus, we fight for holding governments, institutions, and global structures fair and accountable.

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Caritas Mongolia


Postal Address: Vatican's Social Welfare Complex Bayanzurkh District, 13th Khoroo, Narnii Zam 138 Ulaanbaatar  - Mongolia
Telephone: (976) 77135052
(976) 70155055
Fax: (976) 11 369297
Facebook: @caritasmongolia