Caritas Kyrgyzstan


Caritas Kyrgyzstan is the instrument of the Catholic Church in Kyrgyzstan.  It is the developmental arm of the Church. It is also an NGO. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral human development of people irrespective of race and creed.


  • Human Person at the centre of all our activities.
  • Facilitate successful integration and promote decent life through service to the poor and vulnerable to enhance development and self-realisation.
  • Social transformation by improving accessibility to education.
  • Caritas-Charity will focus on the central place of the human person from the conception, putting a special emphasis to the poor and vulnerable in order to enable their integral human development by facilitating access to development and access to education.


Caritas Kyrgyzstan’s approach is based on the Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching, which focuses on the dignity of the human person. Caritas Kyrgyzstan’s work on behalf of the poor manifests love for all creation.

Dignity of the human person. The dignity of the human person is the foundational moral value. Caritas Kyrgyzstan seeks to help the poor and vulnerable, to make them subjects of their own development. In this way, Caritas Kyrgyzstan makes love for creation manifest in the world.

Option for the poor. Caritas Kyrgyzstan commits itself to restoring the sense of co-responsibility in building a better world in its activities towards the poorest.

Social justice. Caritas Kyrgyzstan seeks to encourage its members to ensure equity by working to change the situation of poverty and promote a better situation which favour the poor.

Solidarity. Caritas Kyrgyzstan seeks to inculcate in its membership and in its dealings with other non-governmental organisations and global institutions a genuine sense of solidarity.


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Caritas Kyrgyzstan

 Caritas Kyrgyzstan

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