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"Caritas" is the Latin word for Love - Charity. Caritas is a sign of God's love for all, a love of freedom and no boundary. Caritas proves the love of God among us, a love for all peoples, especially for the poor.

Operating principle

Caritas operates under the principles of Christian morality and social teaching of the Catholic Church:

  • Protect human dignity and human life everywhere and all time
  • Engaged to reduce poverty by choosing priorities for the poor
  • Maintain unity in the Caritas Family
  • Encourage solidarity and cooperation in local as well as international
  • To protect clean and healthy living environment.

Caritas Vietnam is a charitable organization under the Vietnam Catholic Bishops 'Conference (Bishops' Conference), established in 1965.
Since June 1976, Caritas Vietnam has been asked to stop operations.
On 2 July 2008, Caritas Vietnam re-operated. In March 2011, Caritas Vietnam joined Caritas Asia and became an official member of Caritas International in May 2011.


The community conducts charity in the spirit of the Gospel, builds a culture of life and civilization of love.


  1. Make the consciousness of the Word of God through the life of charity shared among Christians.
  2. Help the Vietnamese Bishops perform social and charitable work according to the set objectives and principles.
  3. Cooperate with philanthropic charities inside and outside the country to carry out charitable and social activities.
  4. Coordinate with Caritas dioceses to organize social and charitable activities, implement programs and projects as planned.

For those serving

Caritas Vietnam's people are people, giving priority to the poor, both material and spiritual, abandoned, marginalized, lacking basic human living conditions.

Area of operation

  • Aid
  • Support people with HIV / AIDS, leprosy patients and people with disabilities to integrate into the community.
  • Study Promotion
  • Support the poor for temporary residence
  • Community development
  • Sustainable agriculture

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Caritas Vietnam


Postal Address: 319 National Road 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, VIET NAM
Tel: +84 (8) 3727 1904