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Caritas Asia organized sub regional workshops to understand the changing contexts and to collectively explore opportunities for institutional development and growth through capacity development, collaboration and accompaniment for addressing concerns and mend the gaps.

Central Asia Sub Regional Meeting (Almaty, 20-21 February 2024)

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Central Asia sub regional reflection workshop was attended by the Directors and key staff of Caritas Kazakhstan, Caritas Tajikistan, Caritas Kyrgyzstan, Caritas Mongolia and Church in Turkmenistan. Joining us online were Dr. Benedict Alo D Rozario (President of Caritas Asia), Bishop Jerzy Maculewicz (The Bishop of Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Ms. Moira Monacelli (Caritas Internationalis), and Bishop Jose Luis (President of Caritas Kazakhstan). The workshop was a good opportunity to reconnect with Caritas MOs in the sub region and to celebrate the 10 years of journeying together as Central Asia sub region highlighting the progress and achievements amidst the challenges and changing contexts. This reflection was a learning exercise for all members as it enabled better understanding of ground reality of the social work and how Caritas and Churches in Central Asia sub region have been working hard to reach the unreached amidst multifaceted challenges.

South Asia Sub Regional Meeting (Bangkok, 18-19 March 2024)

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South Asia sub regional meeting was attended by the Directors and key staff of Caritas Bangladesh, Caritas India, Caritas Nepal, Caritas Pakistan and Caritas Sri Lanka, as well as Caritas Asia President and Regional Coordinator. The meeting highlighted the uniqueness of the sub region and Caritas MOs in the sub region have been dealing with challenges in their work and there are more challenges now compared to those in the past. The MOs are committed to identify the common challenges and the best way to collaborate, as neighbors and friends, and to contribute to the region and globally.