PEACH Regional Strategic Planning & Midterm Review, Bangkok(15-17June)

Expected participants are the PEACH program officers and/or directors of Caritas Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines, as well as representatives from Caritas Austria, Caritas Romania, and Caritas Czech Republic.


This PEACH program midterm review meeting was another great occasion for all the participants of this program to meet again in Bangkok. After introducing themselves briefly as well as their expectations for the meeting, the representatives of the different Asian and European Caritas shared the activities that have been done during this first year of the on-going project, at national and diocesan levels within their countries in accordance with PEACH objectives to strengthen the capacities of the participants in Humanitarian Aid and share the knowledge. It was pleasant to note that regional trainings (on volunteer management for example) had been reechoed at national level and that therefore the numbers of trainees increased. All the participants agreed that the program has great impacts on the member organizations on capacity building or reinforcement of the network within the countries. During the meeting, an update of the budget was also made, and one of the activities consisted in talking about the challenges encountered and sharing the successes, so that each participant can benefit from the experience of others.

As the second half of this two-year program has now started, the participants also shared about the activities that would be achieved within this second year and the results expected. To sum up, this meeting was rewarding and very fruitful, with plenty of hope and will to continue in such a way.