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Caritas Asia is one of the seven Regional Offices under the Confederation of Caritas Internationalis (CI). It was established by the Asian MOs, with the endorsement and approval of the confederation, during the General Assembly of CI in 1999 in Rome.

Caritas Asia maintains recognition at the international level within Caritas Internationalis, with the nihil obstat of the Ponifical Council Cor Unum. It also complies with the CI Management Standards.

The primary role of Caritas Asia is to serve and support the Member Organizations in the region in the achievement of their mission, in conformity and under the guidance of the local and universal Church, and in line with the decisions and the plans approved by the General Assembly of Caritas Internationalis. In fulfillment of this role, Caritas Asia has the responsibility to intensify interchange and mutual aid among the Member Organizations for the promotion and harmonization of their work and to achieve the goals pursued in the region by the Confederation.

The principal duties of Caritas Asia are to:

  1. Take a leadership role with Member Organizations in networking and advocacy programs that address the problems of Asia.
  2. Organize services (e.g. human resource development, capacity building and strengthening of structures) that foster the full development of each Member Organization in Asia.
  3. Promote exchanges between Member Organizations in Asia as well as with Caritas members in other regions in the spirit of mutual collaboration and solidarity.
  4. Facilitate the establishment of a Caritas structure in those countries and territories of Asia where it is not yet present.
  5. Collaborate with the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences (FABC), other Church organizations and allied non-Church organizations/networks in the preparation and implementation of regional socio-pastoral programs.
  6. Put forward a regional contribution in the deliberations and programs of Caritas Internationalis and facilitate implementation in the Asia Region of initiatives and directives for cooperation.

Caritas Laos

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Postal Address: Baan Somsanouk, Thakhek Districk, Khamouan province, Lao PDR. P.O. Box 012
Telephone: + 856 20 96 770 788