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Caritas Youth Forum

Youth Engagement

The Caritas Family in Asia sees the importance of Youth as the backbone of all nations and a strong catalyst of social development. Hence, Caritas has formed the Caritas Youth which is a movement that brings together volunteers from 14 to 35 years of age and works to spread the principles and values of the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching.

The vision of the Caritas Young Adult exists so that:

  • Young adults have a significant say in Caritas’ life and their voice is not only listened to, but also acted upon to make the confederation stronger
  • Young adults become key to informing and shaping Caritas’ processes/work
  • An internal renewal of Caritas at a local, national and international level takes place.
  • gain a sense of belonging and identity, building confidence and a space for interaction.

The mission of the Caritas Young Adult is to:

  • engage and develop the worldwide community of youth groups/young adults associated with Caritas
  • provide opportunities for networking and the sharing of experiences.
  • the Caritas Youth is run by the Caritas Youth Council/Group/Committee.
  • offer opportunities to have a say in Caritas’s life