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Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening

Institutional Development and Capacity Strengthening

Caritas Asia is made up of 25 Member Organizations, of national identity, mandated by their respective Episcopal conferences or Ecclesiastical authorities, responsible for the local Church’s socio-pastoral works. Each Member Organization maintains its own individual autonomy in its relationships and operating procedures within the legal framework of the global Caritas confederation.

Besides providing services to the communities they work with, Caritas MOs in Asia region are integral part of Caritas Asia, where member organizations have the responsibility to take part in the creation of the organizational structures and programs of Caritas Asia. They also are required to contribute towards the development and fulfillment of the strategic direction of Caritas Asia through the realization of regional strategic priorities across three aspects: Programmatic, Organizational and Cross-cutting.

Member Organizations act in accordance with the Catholic Social Teaching, the Canon Law, the requirements of the competent Ecclesiastical authorities, and the norms of behavior and criteria defined jointly within the Caritas Confederation with regard to international and regional cooperation. They accept coordination by Caritas Asia in relation to operations at the regional level and in terms of representation by Caritas Asia at inter-denominational and regional levels. Member Organizations jointly finance the bodies and activities of Caritas Asia, as they do with Caritas Internationalis.

Within the period of 2017 - 2020, the strategic objective of IDCS will focus on reinforcing the institutional capacity of member organizations.

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