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Advocacy and Communication

Advocacy and Communication

Being part of the Caritas network, we meet people from various group, background and identities who bring with them their own stories and experience. It is our task to find the stories and messages that connect people we met to our audiences and causes we serve, and inspire contributions in any kinds of acts. When tragedies strike, whether man made of natural, it is the images and the stories of those affected that move us. Again, this is our task in connecting members of Church community to the affected people through stories we write, photograph we take and messages we post on social media

Caritas MOs in Asia are engaged in different types of advocacy and campaign activities in their respective countries reflecting the concerns of Catholic Church on the growing issues in global, regional and national:

  • Right to Food Advocacy Group: which work towards the achievement of SDG (in particular SDG No.2) and contribute to the work of Caritas Internationalis SDGs Working Group on food security and climate change adaptation.
  • Greater Mekong Sub Region Anti Trafficking Task Force : consists of 5 Member organizations in neighboring countries (Cambodia, Myanmar. Thailand, Vietnam and Laos PDR) who respond to the issues around labor migration and anti-human trafficking

The main focus in 2017-2020 will be developing the capacity of member organizations in advocacy and communication, which includes technical capacities, policy, tools and sharing of resources.