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Joined Prayers Against Human Trafficking

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Caritas GMS AT Task Force Members of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Macau attended the 2ndNational Interfaith Forum ‘Combating Human Trafficking’ in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 30 August 2018. The main purpose of the forum was, among others, to promote the important role and commitment of people from different religious groups in combatting human trafficking in Cambodia. 

Besides official statement and messages from key note speakers, the event offered a variety of awareness raising activities, ranging from exhibition booths of the religious groups, joined prayers, and message banners. 

The Interfaith forum in 2018 marked the successful efforts of Caritas Cambodia after a tireless approach to the government of Cambodia and religious leaders. It started off as a simple invitation of joined prayers for the victims of human trafficking, but three years later, the prayer successfully attracted around 1,700 people ranging from government officials, the 4 main religious groups in Cambodia and respective volunteers, to UN Agencies, Cambodian Red Cross, local NGOs who share the same concern, youth groups, associations and media. 

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